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Welcome to Hillside, Alabama. In this fictitious southern town where family histories run deep, the residents, old and young alike, come together to pray for those in need, celebrate the good times, and fight for their friends. The small-town atmosphere, woven throughout each story, makes their day-to-day problems faced with humor and grace come alive. I hope you laugh, cry, and fall in love with these unforgettable characters. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy the Home to the River Series.


Bern Quinn’s first thought was to protect what was his when a suspected drug lord outbid his offer for the adjoining property to his dairy farm. No way can he let his gossip-loving granny and aunt know the recently hired hands are undercover DEA agents. Then, without warning, he’s saddled with the grown-up version of the irritating girl from his childhood, sticking her nose into everyone’s business.

A late-night phone call from his Aunt Abby, one of her childhood mentors, brought unemployed Patta Monroe back to the Quinn farm. The old ladies welcome her with open arms, but Bern considers her another responsibility. Life isn’t as she remembered on the farm. While searching for a new teaching position, can she uncover why he’s so edgy and what secrets he’s guarding? It would also help if she could convince him she’s not a kid anymore, but an adult who can take care of herself.

Never count an old vet out.
Texas-born Talley Jones is a dead ringer for her great Aunt Marie. While she’s living a quiet life in Alabama to hide from a stalker, the aunt dies, and she attends the funeral where she talks to the old lady’s former lover and his hot grandson.
Cord’s mission is to relieve his mom’s full-time caregiver status, and after his grandad meets Talley and is fascinated by the resemblance, they discover she works in a retirement home, Cord uses the news to get the old man to move into the home, not knowing his granddad is delusional and thinks his Marie has come back to marry him.
The chemistry is there between Talley and Cord, but she doesn’t have time for him—she’s too busy dodging the old man and evading a stalker who wants her dead.
Hidden Courage (Home to the River Series Book 2) – Kindle edition by Spann, Jannette. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

“Well, Millie. If you’ve got a hankering to make babies, I’ll do my part.”
“I ain’t hankered to make a baby in forty years.”
“Just saying…”
Age is a state of mind. Then again, widowhood is a fact of life Millie Farnsworth has learned to accept. Add a porch swing, sweet tea, and a handsome widower who loves her chocolate cake, and she’s also decided that living alone isn’t so bad.
When Hank Cason, her cake-loving man, decides he wants to marry her, she must choose between her single lifestyle or that of being a wife again.
Millie loves Hank, but he comes with a ready-made family, and she’s never had kids of her own. At her age, can she adjust to being a wife, mother, and even a grandmother? Better yet, will his children accept her into their tight-knit clan?

Forever Friends (Home to the River Series Book 1) – Kindle edition by Spann, Jannette. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

What A Day! is a collection of stories about special, memorable days in the lives of an eclectic, quirky mix of characters. You’ll enjoy fantasy, romance, historical, and more by best-selling authors like Linda Howard and Linda Winstead Jones as well as newer authors, none of which you’ll want to miss! Come laugh, cry, gasp, and smile your way through these fun, light-hearted, suspenseful, and intriguing stories.
This book contains 11 short stories, as different as the authors who wrote them.
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INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE Brandy Wyne’s future includes an old house with plumbing problems, a new job, and caring for her mother who has suffered a stroke. Gavin Wilkins has increased his Grandpa’s plumbing business to twice its original worth, but the old man’s got a hot lady friend with greedy hands. How can he convince his grandpa of what she’s after without hurting him? Added to his problems is the responsibility of caring for his seven-year-old niece for the summer. Brandy can’t afford to pay for the plumbing repairs she needs, and Gavin can’t find a sitter for his niece. Ever heard of the barter system?

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Charles Wills wrote his last will, leaving Mitch McGregor, his eldest grandson, as the sole benefactor of his estate. The inheritance included Hidden Hills, his ancestors’ antebellum home, and its debts and stipulations.

Mitch died six months later of a heart attack, leaving his twenty-six-year-old wife and two small daughters with maxed-out credit cards and a property mortgage that rivaled the national debt. Along with everything else, she owes Judge Tom McGregor, her father-in-law, an enormous debt—not of gratitude, but thirty thousand dollars.

Unable to continue the mortgage payments for much longer, she put the house on the real estate market, but—eighteen months later—it’s still hers. Desperation forces Charlotte to change realtors and move to the nearby town where she works. This relieves the constant worry of being alone in the country with her girls, but it only postpones the inevitable—the bank will foreclose, and she’ll still owe the judge. He’s on her case, demanding she pay now—or else he’ll take her home.

Jake Weatherman owns a retail business and lives next door to Charlotte’s rental home. As a widower and father of three boys, he feels he’s found a kindred spirit in his new neighbor. He’s far from perfect, even to the point of being bossy, opinionated, curious and nosy. In his line of work, most women reveal more personal information than is necessary. Charlotte refuses to talk about herself, other than working two jobs, loving chocolate, and is the widow of a lawyer. He turns to a lawyer buddy to see what she’s hiding. Ralph knows the wealthy McGregor family and assumes Charlotte married for money since she now owns the estate. Jake’s heart refuses to accept what Ralph said concerning the stunning widow, but a wedge of doubt inches into his initial opinion. After learning of the debts and stipulations, he’s convinced he was right.

Judge Tom McGregor earned the reputation as the silver fox for his shrewd business deals. Most unethical—but still above the law. Now he plans to get the estate—whatever the cost—even if it destroys his grandchildren’s mother. Charlotte’s a fighter, fueled by desperation and a fierce determination that the judge will never win. Jake doesn’t understand her reasons for the choices she has made until the peaceful solitude of Hidden Hills surrounds him. Although he’s not rich, he’s willing to help her in any way he can. It takes cunning to out-fox a fox, so they need to set the right trap. Too bad he’s never been much of a hunter. 
​​Hidden Hills: Spann, Jannette: 9781975685485: Books